The wonderful Loft Literary Center has responded to the pandemic by moving even more of their courses online. I’ll be teaching an on-your-own-schedule six-week course there starting in early February 2021 called Writing to Persuade, which is open for registration now.

You can find me teaching a few classes for the Rambo Academy (which I recommend in general for a wide mix of live and on-demand writing classes, and there are always scholarships available.) 

On March 27, 2021, I’m teaching a live two-hour fiction class called Levelling Up: 10 Things to Try When You Keep Hearing No.

On April 25, 2021, I’m teaching a live two-hour fiction class called Revising Your Novel.

Also at the Rambo Academy, you can find an on-demand version of my class Writing Interactive Fiction.

When the lockdowns started in North America, I created a very simple, seven-day free course on building (or rebuilding) a writing practice on my website.

I teach journalism as a contract instructor at Carleton University, most recently teaching the arts and culture reporting class there.

I’m also available to teach writing workshops, in both fiction and non-fiction.