Short stories and novellas

Here are some of the short works of fiction I’ve had published, or that are coming soon.

in audio

coming soon

  • “I Know All of His Names” at Liminal Stories
  • “Not Valid for Spain” in 49th Parallels
  • “In Dragonfly Lake” at Kaleidotrope
  • “Something On Your Mind?” a collaborative story with eight other authors, corralled by Gareth D Jones, at Kaleidotrope






  • “We Take Care of Our Own” in Blood and Water, edited by Hayden Trenholm, from Bundoran Press, August 2012. (4,770 words) Available in print or as an e-book. In 2041, a Canadian woman risks her business and her relationship with her teenage son to smuggle food over the American border.

before that

    • “152” in Departures (chapbook anthology, above/ground press, June 2008)
    • “Bleach” in The Puritan, fall 2007
    • “Antipode” in In Our Own Words, vol. 6 (anthology), 2005
    • “Skin” in Slow Trains (online), fall 2004
    • “Fog” in The New Quarterly, winter 2004
    • “Pigeons” in Another Toronto Quarterly (online), fall 2003

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