Novels and Novellas

The Embroidered Book

coverteb-1Feb. 17 from HarperVoyager UK

‘Power is not something you are given. Power is something you take. When you are a woman, it is a little more difficult, that’s all’

A novel about Marie Antoinette and her sister Maria Carolina of Naples, with a thread of magic.

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Alice Payne Arrives (Alice Payne #1)Heartfield_AlicePayneArrives_final (1)

Nov. 6, 2018 from Publishing

A novella about a time-travelling highwaywoman in the 18th century, her scientist girlfriend, and a rogue military officer from the future.

A finalist for the Nebula and Aurora awards.

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Alice Payne Rides (Alice Payne #2)alicepaynerides (1)

March 5, 2019 from Publishing

A novella. The sequel to Alice Payne Arrives.  Can Alice, Prudence, Jane and Wray prevent an international pandemic across time, and put history back on its tracks?

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Armed in Her Fashion

Published in May 2018 by ChiZine Publications.
CURRENTLY OUT OF PRINT. Kate has a few versions remaining for sale, and it may be in some bookstores.

In 1328, the city of Bruges is under siege from the Chatelaine of Hell and her army of chimeras. At night, revenants crawl over the walls and bring plague and grief to this city of widows. Margriet de Vos will do anything to make sure her daughter’s safe, even if it means raiding Hell itself.

A finalist for the Crawford and Locus awards and winner of the Aurora award for Best Novel.

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The Course of True Love (A Monstrous Little Voices novella)

Published 2016 by Abaddon Books

Pomona, a gifted hedge-witch of advancing years in fair Illyria, is walking about her own business when she spies a fairy gentleman trapped in a secret garden. Vertumnus, King Oberon’s emissary to the Duke, has been taken captive by proud Titania, and a war is in the offing unless Pomona can prevent it.

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