Interviews with me about writing

The Road to Canterbury author interview and trailer. April 24, 2018.

Alyx Dellamonica’s Heroine Question. April 26, 2018. About Ruth Park’s book Playing Beatie Bow.

Lackington’s, April 2018. (text article) About my story “A Thousand Tongues of Silver.”

Unreliable Narrators, April 2018. (audio) Catching up on my publication news.

Artsfile, August 2017. (text article). Breaking in to publishing.

Cabbages and Kings, spring 2017. (audio). Historical fantasy.

Unreliable Narrators, April 2016.  (audio). Monstrous Little Voices, Shakespeare, journalism.

Through the Twisted Woods, May 2016. (audio). The Seven O’Clock Man, colonialism, mythology, horror.

Airship Ambassador, May 2016. (text). The Seven O’Clock Man, steampunk.