Building (or Rebuilding) Your Writing Practice

This is a free, seven-day, on-your-own-schedule course. Each day consists of a very short text “lecture” by me, plus a short and simple exercise, plus a quotation. Each daily section should take somewhere between five minutes and half an hour to complete. You can do them whenever you like: one per day for seven days, or all seven at once. Skip any that don’t look useful to you. Take days off in between sections if you want. Repeat as you like. It’s all flexible.

It’s geared to be small and do-able, gentle, supportive and useful to writers of both fiction and non-fiction, at any stage of their writing careers. If you’ve never written anything, but are thinking of starting, this could be useful for you. If you’re a veteran writer but feel like you could use a reminder of a few simple touchstones or some daily words of encouragement, this could be useful for you.

I decided to make this because I know a lot of writers are staying at home due to the coronavirus crisis and we could all use a little daily support and encouragement. If you’d like to show your appreciation, please make a donation of any size to your local food bank, or to the Ottawa Food Bank. People who rely on food banks will be particularly vulnerable in the coming weeks and months, as they can’t stock up, and many services will be closed or restricted, grocery supplies are less reliable and fundraising may be unstable.

Here are the seven course sections. Click the link to access each one.

  1. Hope, Faith and Love
  2. Word Count
  3. Finding Time to Write.
  4. Health
  5. Community
  6. Resources
  7. Hope, Faith and Love 2: This Time, It’s Personal


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