Alice Payne Arrives

Heartfield_AlicePayneArrives_final (1)A disillusioned major, a highwaywoman, and a war raging across time.

It’s 1788 and Alice Payne is the notorious highway robber, the Holy Ghost. Aided by her trusty automaton, Laverna, the Holy Ghost is feared by all who own a heavy purse.

It’s 1889 and Major Prudence Zuniga is once again attempting to change history―to save history―but seventy attempts later she’s still no closer to her goal.

It’s 2016 and . . . well, the less said about 2016 the better!

But in 2020 the Farmers and the Guides are locked in battle; time is their battleground, and the world is their prize. Only something new can change the course of the war. Or someone new.

Little did they know, but they’ve all been waiting until Alice Payne arrives.

The first novella in a series about Alice Payne, her scientist girlfriend Jane Hodgson, and Major Prudence Zuniga. Coming Nov. 6, 2018, from Publishing.

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Praise for Alice Payne Arrves:

“Twisty time wars, highway robbery, 18th century lady scientists, queer joy. How could I not love this? Alice Payne Arrives at a gallop, breathlessly blending historical fiction and SF tropes, then turning them on their heads.” ―Sarah Pinsker

“Whip smart, and packed with irresistible characters and fast-paced adventure. A playful, pointed, and brilliantly inventive remix of history that unfolds like the most fascinating puzzle box―each new twist and reveal a delight. Counting the days to the sequel.” ―S.L. Huang


Alice Payne Arrives is an elegantly-written novella, precise and deft in its effects. Heartfield writes a fast and gripping story, mounting to a tense cliffhanger. But Heartfield also writes a story that’s tremendously fun, filled with humane, believable characters.

Liz Bourke,

Though Heartfield’s scenes brim with excitement, the protagonists ground the story… Heartfield’s worldbuilding, particularly the complex rules for time travel, will satisfy detail-oriented readers. The strongest aspect of Heartfield’s tale, however, is how it asks the hard questions about how progress in the past would affect the present.


Heartfield takes readers on a short jaunt between the 18th and 22nd centuries—with a few stops in between—for a tale of time travel, love, war, and courage.

Kirkus Reviews

This novella is a quick read with fantastic characters that is sure to leave you wanting more.

Mad Scientist Journal