Proof cover for The Embroidered Book

HarperVoyager UK has revealed the cover for the bound proof of The Embroidered Book, which will go out to reviewers and booksellers. At the moment, I am pretty convinced it’s the second most beautiful cover I’ve ever seen, with the first place being reserved for the final book cover, which hasn’t been revealed yet (but I’ve seen it and it’s fabulous.) The proof cover has the title on the spine, but instead of the title and my name on the front (as it will be on the final cover), it carries a quotation from the book.

My huge thanks to cover designer Andrew Davis and Holly Macdonald for cover direction, and the whole team. My publisher has also released a sample of some of their books coming in 2022, and included the first chapter of The Embroidered Book, along with work by Sue Lynn Tan, Rebecca Ross, N.E. Davenport, Saara El-Arifi, Juno Dawson and R.F. Kuang.