The Magician’s Workshop is a Nebula finalist!

The last week has been a bit surreal. My deadline for the expandorevision of The Embroidered Book was today, so I’ve been working flat out to get that very large book into decent shape to send to my editor on time (which I did, huzzah.)

Six days ago, I got a call from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, saying that The Magician’s Workshop is a finalist for this year’s Nebula award in the Games category. It was a year to the day from the call I got last year informing me that The Road to Canterbury and Alice Payne Arrives were finalists.

It’s a tremendous honour to see my work on that ballot again, and with a diverse, kick-ass list of co-nominees. I don’t think I’ll make it to LA for the awards ceremony this year, but I’ll watch the live stream and cheer on all the amazing finalists in all the categories.

Choice of Games gave me the opportunity to play around with two amazing historical settings. Really, they turned me into a game writer. I’m so grateful to my editor Abby Trevor, to the whole team at Choice of Games (particular shout-outs to Rebecca Slitt, Mary Duffy and Jason Stevan Hill), to copy editor Chris Wolfgang, artist EJ Dela Cruz and an army of very patient beta testers.

To celebrate, the game is on sale until Feb. 27.