What I published in 2019

Here’s the fiction I published this year.


Alice Payne Rides: the sequel to Alice Payne Arrives. In which the war for history takes Alice and her partner Jane to medieval France and the American Revolution and toward the eradication of smallpox. About 30,000 words. March 2019, Tor.com Publishing. Available in audiobook, ebook and paperback. Publisher’s page.


The Magician’s Workshop. An interactive adventure published by Choice of Games, in which magician/artisans navigate the politics of Florence in 1512. Released December 19, 2019. Play online.


“Chameleon” in Daily Science Fiction, Sept. 10, 2019. 900 words. About two girls on a Greyhound bus, one of whom literally blends into the background. Available free online.

“A Cut-Purse Rethinks His Ways” in Timeworn Issue 1, October 1, 2019. 2,300 words. About a thief named Pinch in 1703 London, his lover William, and the River Thames. Available free online.

“The Inland Beacon” in Tesseracts Twenty-Two: Alchemy and Artifacts, fall 2019, ed. Lorina Stephens and Susan MacGregor. 3,100 words. About the Spanish Armada and a different sort of beacon.