A new book deal, a cover reveal and a new story

Lots of news happening this month!

My next novel, The Humours of Grub Street, has a gorgeous cover. It’s coming out in May 2020, from ChiZine, the same publisher who brought out Armed in Her Fashion. The Humours of Grub Street is set in London in 1703 and is about a witch with a printing press and a writer pursued by monsters. The pre-order pages are going up, and you can add the book on Goodreads.

The cover on the left is by the incomparable Erik Mohr. I’ll put a bigger version down at the bottom of the post so you can see it in detail.

My other big news this month is that my next novel after Humours will be The Embroidered Book, a big historical fantasy about Marie Antoinette and her sister Maria Carolina, and it’s coming out in 2021 from HarperVoyager. Here’s the deal announcement. I’m so happy to be working with my agent Jennie Goloboy and editor Jack Renninson on this.

And way down at the other end of the wordcount scale, I had a very short story out with Daily Science Fiction this month, and the feedback has been lovely. It’s called Chameleon.