Release day for Alice Payne Rides

Welcome to the world, Alice Payne Rides! The sequel to Nebula-nominated Alice Payne Arrives is available now in ebook, paperback and digital audiobook.

The narrator for the audiobook, Jennywren Walker, is the same as for Alice Payne Arrives. It’s edited once again by Lee Harris. Cover design by Christine Foltzer with art by Cliff Nielsen.

This was a difficult book to write; it was my first time writing a sequel, and my first time writing a book on contract. It took several false starts and a lot of staring out the window while my wordcount went nowhere. The opening chapter changed several times.

But I got there. And I learned that many of the things that make sequels hard to write are also the things that make them rewarding: I was able to take these characters one level deeper, and challenge them in new ways, and ask different questions about what we owe to each other. Also, I was able to have a lot of fun, taking the characters to revolutionary America, and indulging my fascination with the history of vaccination, among other things.

I hope you like the book. As always, I’m grateful to anyone who takes the time to request the book at their local library or bookstore, who mentions the book to a friend, who leaves an honest review.

And also as always, I’m very happy to mail a signed bookplate at my expense; just email me at if you’d like one.


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