My 2018 Publications

It’s that time of year, when people’s thoughts turn to award nominations! Here’s my annual post rounding up the things I wrote that were published this year.

2018 was busy: I have eligible fiction in the novel, novella, game and short story categories. I also published some non-fiction in 2018, which I’ve listed at the bottom of the post.

I expect to have one more short story come out just before the end of the year; I’ll update this post to add it at the end of December.


Armed in Her Fashion, published by ChiZine Publications in May 2018. A historical fantasy set in 14th century Flanders. 90,000 words. My debut novel.


Alice Payne Arrives, published by Publishing in November 2018. A science fiction adventure about a highwaywoman in 18th century England who gets tangled up in a time war. 29,000 words.


The Road to Canterbury, published by Choice of Games in April 2018. Interactive historical fiction based on the Canterbury Tales. (Note: The overall story is not speculative fiction, but there is speculative fiction in the pilgrims’ tales and in the tale the player can develop, so I suppose that counts, for spec-fic awards.) 178,000 words.

Short Stories

  • This Season of Waiting” in the Ottawa Citizen, Dec. 24, 2018. A non-speculative, historical Christmas story of about 2,200 words.
  • In Dragonfly Lake” at Kaleidotrope (fall 2018). A house built on resentment cannot stand forever. 900 words.
  • “A Threadbare Carpet” in Tesseracts Twenty-One (Sept. 2018) A flying carpet in a dying city. 4,400 words.
  • “Gilbert Tong’s Life List” in Shades Within Us: Tales of Migration and Fractures Borders (Sept. 8, 2018). A near-future story about climate refugees, set in Manitoba near where I grew up. 4,500 words.
  • “A Thousand Tongues of Silver” in Lackingtons Issue 17, Spring 2018. For the “Gothics” issue, a story about Gothic queens and a book. 4,450 words.
  • “Dressed in White Paper” in Alice Unbound: Beyond Wonderland, edited by Colleen Anderson and published by Exile Editions, May 2018. A strange tale inspired by Through the Looking Glass. 3,000 words.
  • “Path of White Stones” in Over the Rainbow: Folk and Fairy Tales from the Margins, edited by Derek Newman-Stille and published by Exile Editions, December 2018. A story about how certain houses need their crones. About 4,800 words.




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