Alice Payne Arrives in the world

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, partly because I wanted to give my novella Alice Payne Arrives a proper welcome, which meant… events! Events I’m now paying for with introvert-crash, but they were 100% worth it.

On the left is a photo of me with my friend and fellow author Derek Künsken. We drove down to Toronto together to launch our books at the legendary Bakka Phoenix bookstore. I launched Alice Payne Arrives, and Derek launched The Quantum Magician. It was a fabulous evening, and to make it even better, my editor, Lee Harris, happened to be in town. The crowd was great.

Thanks, everyone!

A week later, the Ottawa launch of Alice Payne Arrives at Books on Beechwood was equally wonderful, with an equally lovely crowd. And a few days before that, I was invited to sign books at Coles Carlingwood here in Ottawa, and had some great conversations with readers I might not have met otherwise.

I was also invited to speak to the North Grenville Writers Circle, which was a wonderful evening.

And now, for a while, I’ll cocoon.

Meanwhile, you can find lots of new Alice-related content on the Internet.

I’ve put my author notes up on Goodreads. You can hear a sample here of the excellent audiobook version, narrated by Jennywren Walker.

I was really chuffed to read this review by Liz Bourke, which made me think about my own book in ways I hadn’t before. ran two essays by me around launch time: one a rumination on God Emperor of Dune and how it informed my view of the future, and one a round-up of some of my favourite SFF books featuring F/F relationships.

Chuck Wendig was kind enough to host my essay on five things I learned while writing Alice Payne Arrives. And Paul Semel hosted this interview.

There are a few things coming out in the next little while, but life is slowing down a bit, at least until Alice Payne Rides comes out in March (the ARCs have gone out for that! Look how pretty the two books are together.)

If you’ve read Alice Payne Arrives, I’d really appreciate an honest review on Goodreads or Amazon, however brief. And please do tell your friends about it. Word of mouth makes all the difference for a new author like me.

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