My Can*Con 2018 schedule

Can*Con is coming! Oct. 12-14, 2018, in downtown Ottawa. I’m the accessibility co-ordinator, so feel free to buttonhole me if you have any questions or concerns. Or you can come find me at one of my panels and readings: I’ve got a packed schedule this year!

Here’s my schedule (still subject to change; if it does, I’ll update it here.)

Fri. Oct. 12

3 p.m: Adapting Myths and Legends – A wide variety of mythological figures, legends and folk tales have been adapted in SFF. How do you put a fresh spin on these well-known stories? What are the ways to combine mythologies together in a way that works, while respecting these stories’ origins? What authors are doing this well, and what hasn’t been done yet? Marie Bilodeau, Kevin Hearne, Jay Odjick, Dominik Parisien, Kate Heartfield (Moderator)

5 p.m.: Reading from Alice Unbound with other authors in that anthology. I’ll be reading from my surreal story “Dressed in White Paper.” With Geoff Gander, Elizabeth Hosang, Cait Gordon, Dominik Parisien and Andrew A. Sutherland.

(Also on Friday, I plan to stop by the dealers’ room around 6 p.m. after the reading for a while, and I’m hoping to show my face at the ChiZine Publications party at 9 p.m. that night.)

Sat. Oct. 13

10 a.m. Resurgence of the Novella – Spearheaded by, the novella is making a serious comeback in speculative fiction. What has sparked this resurgence, and how are today’s novella writers standing out in the industry? Rebecca Diem, Kim-Mei Kirtland, Ryan T. McFadden, Miriam Weinberg, Kate Heartfield (Moderator)

4 p.m. Shenanigans Superlaunch – Join Author GoH Kevin Hearne, returning special guest Julie E. Czerneda, and fellow authors Kate Heartfield and Rich Larson for a joint special event celebrating their most recent releases! Not your traditional readings, this event will feature in-depth and likely hilarious reveals as these these four authors discuss each other’s latest work.

(Also on Saturday, I’m planning to staff the Exile table in the dealers’ room from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. so you can find me there if you’d like to get something signed or just say hi. And I’m hoping to go to my friend Derek Kunsken’s launch of his novel The Quantum Magician at 7 p.m. and poke my head into the Bundoran Press party at 9 p.m.)

Sun. Oct. 14

10 a.m. Odysseys: Old Worlds in New Words – From John Gardner to the Coen brothers, epic poetry continues to inform our ideas of the fantastic and the monstrous. Emily Wilson’s 2017 translation of the Odyssey is the first published English translation of the poem by a woman. Maria Dahvana Headley’s upcoming translation of Beowulf has also been described as “radical.” Does going back to the roots of fantasy change its future, or is this just an interesting ivory-tower exercise? Can rethinking the words we use to describe old monsters and heroes change how we think about monsters and heroes in general? Amal el-Mohtar, Kate Heartfield, Violette Malan, Kim-Mei Kirtland (Moderator)

12 p.m. Reading (I’m reading from my upcoming time-travel novella, Alice Payne Arrives, from 12 to 12:25. Stick around afterward for my friend Matt Moore!)

1 p.m. You Should Have Read This in 2018 – Our expert readers discuss the cutting-edge novels and short fiction in science fiction, fantasy, horror and romance that you absolutely should have read. Bring your Goodreads app or a REALLY big notebook. Kate Heartfield, Bradley Horner, Michael Johnstone, Jonathan Crowe (Moderator)

(Also on Sunday, I’m hoping to stop in to the pancake breakfast in memory of Chris Kelworth, whose joyful presence will be greatly missed at Can*Con.)


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