Month: July 2016

My schedule for the 2016 Limestone Genre Expo

I had a great time at Kington’s inaugural Limestone Genre Expo last year. This year, they’ve expanded it to two days (although I’ll only be there Sunday.) I recommend it. The full schedule is online. Here’s my schedule: Sunday, July 24 2016 11 a.m….

The Semaphore Society, emojified!

The clever Aidan Doyle wrote a program to turn stories into emoji and colour palettes, using words that appear in the text. I asked him to turn The Semaphore Society into emoji, because if ever I had a story that demanded to be turned into symbols,…

Free to read online: The Automatic Prime Ministers

This near-future SF story of mine has been out for a while for purchase, but it now online for free. It’s part of the fascinating Governments issue at Lackington’s. “The Automatic Prime Ministers” is a thought experiment and an exploration of friendship. It began,…