Interviews and reviews, part 2

A couple of new in-depth interviews with me are out in the world: A text one at Airship Ambassador, and an hour-long audio one with Derek Newman-Stille at Through the Twisted Woods. Both focus on my story “The Seven O’Clock Man” but go beyond that too.

Clockwork Canada, the anthology where that story appears, has been racking up more great reviews, including at Lightspeed and AE.


And in story-sale news, I’ll make a couple of appearances in Kaleidotrope in 2017: one flash-fiction piece of my own, and oneĀ collaboration. I haven’t collaborated on a short story before (unless you count Star Wars fan fiction with my six-year-old), so this is exciting.


As for the writing itself, these days I’m buried in a very rough first draft of a new novel, and revising a short story. Both are historical, but in slightly different settings than I’ve ever written in before. I do like to have new research to do all the time.

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