New story: The Automatic Prime Ministers

The “Governments” issue of Lackington’s, one of my favourite magazines, is available now. It includes my story “The Automatic Prime Ministers”, which is a near-future science-fictional thought experiment. It also explores the friendship between the eponymous prime ministers, of Canada and India. Bonus points for readers who guess why I named the Canadian prime minister “Flora.”

Some stories just flow; they either work or they don’t. This was not one of those stories. Much like my other most recent story, “The Seven O’Clock Man,” this one is a bundle of moving parts, and it took a lot of feedback from my clever critique partners to get it straight in my head. This story has a million ways to fail; I hope it fails beautifully, at least.

If you’re at all interested in political responses to climate change, in modelling as a policy tool, in the tension between a politician’s conscience and her duty to constituents, in the deceptively complicated role of evidence in politics and policy, in the ethics of first contact or the ethics of friendship, you’re the ideal reader for this one.

It’s also always fun to see a story of mine out in the world set in Ottawa, where I live.

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