Interviews and reviews

I’m overdue for a roundup post! Lots of stuff going on of late.

There’s a new interview with me up at Unreliable Narrators: This was so much fun. We mostly talked about my Shakespearean fantasy novella in Monstrous Little Voices, but hit a few other topics too.

As of May 1, you can now buy the terrific anthology Clockwork Canada, from Exile Editions, edited by Dominik Parisien. We launched it at Ad Astra this weekend and had a great time. It includes my story “The Seven O’Clock Man”, which is a bit spooky, and a lot about colonialism and autonomy and automation.

The anthology has been getting great reviews, including one from Haralambi Markov at and Lee A. Farruga at Steampunk Canada. Derek Newman-Stille at Speculating Canada has been posting reviews of all the stories, including The Seven O’Clock Man.

And there are interviews up with Dominik and with my fellow contributor, Charlotte Ashley, at Airship Ambassador. My interview there will be up soon, and there are a couple of other podcast interviews with me coming soon, so I’ll do a part 2 round-up in a couple of weeks.




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