Publication day for The Course of True Love

Cover design by Sam Gretton, based on the 1497 woodcut "The Scholar in her Study" by Iacopo Filippo Foresti; and a woodcuts in the 1489 pamphlet "On Witches and Female Soothsayers."

I had so much fun writing this. It’s a nearly 20,000-word love story about an old witch, and it’s full of wordplay and plotted a bit like a Shakespearean comedy if I do say so myself. Thanks so much to David Thomas Moore at Abaddon Books for giving me space to let my Shakespeare nerd flag fly, for getting all my jokes and Easter eggs, for conceiving the universe, for fitting these stories together, and all the rest. Thanks to my superagent Jennie Goloboy for all her help. Thanks to my fellow authors (Foz Meadows, Emma Newman, Adrian Tchaikovsky and Jonathan Barnes) for never saying, “who’s this now?”

Here is a Q and A I did with John Lavagnino, who wrote the very interesting afterword to Monstrous Little Voices. (That’s the collection of 5 novelettes/novellas, coming out in March, that includes The Course of True Love as book 2.)

Here’s Book 1 of Monstrous Little Voices, by Foz Meadows, called Coral Bones. You can read them as standalones or out of order, but I’d recommend reading the whole cycle from the beginning so that by the time you get to Jonathan Barnes’ your mind will be suitably blown. Books 3, 4 and 5 will be released every couple of weeks in February and March.

I have more things to say about Monstrous Little Voices as a whole, but I think I’ll save them for that publication day.

Please enjoy this labour of love, and consider leaving an honest review on Amazon or Goodreads or the platform of your choice.

Edited to add: I’ve been linking to the Amazon pages, but you can also download the epub or mobi files from the Rebellion ebook store.