Monstrous Little Voices

The cat’s out of the bag in a few places about a thing I’ve been working on. I’m one of the writers in a new book coming from Abaddon next year: Monstrous Little Voices: Five New Stories from Shakespeare’s Fantastic World. (More info at Amazon and the Abaddon Books site).

(The cover hasn’t been revealed yet.)

It’s a book of five short novellas (or long novelettes. Or, er, novelettas?) written by five authors: Adrian Tchaikovsky, Emma Newman, Jonathan Barnes, Foz Meadows and me. It’s edited by David Thomas Moore.

This project has been all kinds of fun, and it’s special to me for a bunch of reasons. It feels silly to say that Shakespeare’s been an influence on me as a writer — I mean, it’s sort of like saying I breathe air. Still, I’ll say it anyway. I had a wise fourth grade teacher who asked me what I’d like to learn, and like the precocious brat I was, I said I’d like to memorize Hamlet’s soliloquy, so that’s what I did and then my dad took me to see the play. When I was 13, I was cast as Juliet (with a crew cut and braces) for a community play that never did perform, but rehearsed a lot. Those words are engraved on my imagination, so it’s been an enormous privilege to play in that world and pay my own small tribute.

The book’s coming out next spring, to mark the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death.

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