My new writing room

Our kid is no longer a baby and we’ve shuffled all the rooms around to respond to that fact. One result is that I now have a dedicated writing space of my own. I am very grateful for this.

It’s a lovely, bright little room. The downside is that it gets very cold in the winter, but meh, that’s what space heaters are for. And the new thermal curtains I bought for the patio doors.

I have been trying very hard to get into a consistent early-morning writing schedule. I detest early mornings. Having a nice space surrounded by meaningful things beckoning me will help, I hope.

Ta-da! I am fond of the knight brass-rubbing hanging on the far wall.


The books in the low magazine stand are the ones I’m using for research for the novel-in-progress. I have never had all my research books in the same room where I write, before, all gathered together in one spot.


Here is the view from the treadmill desk:


And here is my poster of the poem Pangur Bán, which I bought at Trinity College in Ireland more than a decade ago. It needs a better-fitting mat in the frame. One of these days.


Here is my new tentacly lightswitch plate:


Here is the stained glass my Dad made to my specifications:


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