On selling a story to Strange Horizons

Before I even knew much about magazines in the science fiction and fantasy genre, I knew about (and read) Strange Horizons. Before “crowdfunding” was a word, there was the annual Strange Horizons fund drive (which is incidentally on right now.)

To me, it represents everything SFF short fiction can be in the 21st century. Along with Clarkesworld, it demonstrated early and consistently that there was nothing inherently more credible or literary about print, that online magazines could be venerable, innovative and successful, back when that was very much in dispute.

I was going to make a list of all the SH stories I have loved over the last 13 years but I can’t even scratch the surface. A small sampling of some recent favourites: the Hugo-nominated Selkie Stories are for Losers by Sofia Samatar, Resurrection Points by Usman Malik, Yuca and Dominoes by JosĂ© Iriarte… The current story, Dream Cakes, by Kelly Jennings, is a delight with a twist.

So I am so honoured to have a story coming out soon in Strange Horizons – after many rejections, an acceptance. The contract arrived today. “Limestone, Lye and the Buzzing of Flies” is about the place where I grew up, about the pathologies of conquest, about the history of a patch of land as a kind of contagion. Also about New Order and bicycles. It should be out in 2015.