An update on forthcoming stories

Now that I’ve been seriously writing and submitting short fiction for a few years, I’m getting a handle on the pattern:

You go months without a sale, and despair. And then you get a few sales in quick succession, and you’re on top of the moon for a few days.

(And then you return to despair, natch. I’ve racked up 42 story rejections just in the first half of 2014. Writers are quick to crow about sales but we don’t talk publicly about rejections much, mainly because rejection is just the background noise of our lives. So new writers sometimes get the impression that once they start selling stories, the rejections will stop. Ah ha ha, no.)

In the last month or so, I’ve found good homes for four of my favourite stories. Two science fiction, two fantasy.

One of the story sales is Very Exciting But Still Secret.

The others are equally exciting but not secret:

  • “Skullduggers” to Postscripts to Darkness 6, out next year. I had a story in Issue 4 and I am very fond of PstD.
  • “Born on a Glumday”, to Daily Science Fiction (my first flash sale to DSF; they’ve taken two of my full-length stories.)
  • “The Semaphore Society” to Crossed Genres. My first sale to Crossed Genres, a magazine I greatly admire.