Campbellians and other worthy potential nominees

M. David Blake has created a remarkable thing: an anthology of recent work from most of the writers eligible for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer this year. Free to download, for a limited time. I’m in there along with 110 others. This is the thing I love about being eligible for the Campbell: this sense of being part of a cohort, part of the class of 2013, so to speak.

Speaking of award-nomination season, I thought I’d list here a few of the things that are likely to make it on to my Hugo ballot. I am far, far from done. I haven’t even got the beginnings of a clue of what I’m going to nominate in the short fiction category, for example. But I am starting to put my list together.

It includes:

The novella Six-Gun Snow White by Catherynne M. Valente, which is gorgeous and memorable.

Tea and Jeopardy, Emma Newman’s podcast, for being charming and new.

The podcast Welcome to Nightvale. I don’t think I want to nominate any particular episode in the Dramatic Presentation category, though, because what strikes me as important is the podcast as a whole, and how it set a new bar for the form. But it doesn’t seem right to nominate it as a fancast. Maybe Best Related Work?

Orphan Black. Best television show I’ve seen in forever, dealing with a science fictional concept with humour and edge-of-your-seat writing and incredible acting. Again, do I nominate a particular episode, and if so, which one?