The Dentist’s Apprentice

My children’s story The Dentist’s Apprentice is available now from the Winter 2013 issue of Spellbound magazine.

I wrote it almost by accident. A couple of sentences came to me over a year ago, and I liked them. Months later, I wrote a few paragraphs around those sentences. I looked at what I had written, and thought: This is a story about giants. This is a children‘s story about giants. Huh.

And I put it away, because I don’t write children’s stories, generally. I don’t know much about the markets for selling them.

Another few months passed, and somehow I happened across the list of upcoming themes for Spellbound. The Giants issue was coming up. And I thought: Well, there goes that excuse.

The story went through several drafts. I submitted it, and Spellbound accepted it. I’m so pleased.