My Can-Con schedule

Yay! Can-Con is next weekend, Oct. 4 to 6. Here’s where I’ll be (the schedule is posted now but of course is still subject to last-minute changes).

I’ll be bringing copies of the chapbook I made of The Knave of Lilies for the free table and to give out at my reading, so if you want one, and don’t see one, ask me when you see me. (I’ll also bring a few to the ChiSeries/Postscripts to Darkness 4 reading on Oct. 8.)


Fri. Oct 4: 7 p.m.: So This Is Your First Con – Kate Heartfield, Geoff Gander (m), Alice Black, Nicole Lavigne, Natasha Bertrand.  Never been to a con? Maybe you’ve been to some small cons, but never a big one? Our panelists have been to a variety of cons. Come hear what they have to say about Ad Astra, WorldCon, and the World Fantasy Convention. And, pick up some quick survival tips!

Sat. Oct. 5: 10 a.m.: Reading: I’ll be reading For Sale by Owner (and if there’s time, the prologue from Traveller, Take Me, which is coming soon in On Spec). I’m sharing an hour slot with Matthew Johnson, who’ll be reading “Beyond the Fields You Know”, a new story from his upcoming collection. Matthew’s a fabulous writer. You should come.

Sat. Oct. 5: 11 a.m.: The Writing Life – Suzanne Church (m), S.M. Carriere, Kate Heartfield, Caroline Frechette, Karen Dudley. Making your life hospitable to writing – submission trackers, making time to write, preparing your family, recharging yourself, finding your own encouragement and networks against the punishment of rejection.

Sat. Oct. 5: 3 p.m.: Spirit Possession in Speculative Fiction -Sean Moreland (m), Shelley Rabinovitch, Kate Heartfield, Derek Newman-Stille. The treatment of spirit possession in fictional narratives, both cinematic and literary. 

Sat. Oct. 5: 7 p.m.: Law in Science Fiction – Matthew Johnson, Kate Heartfield, Tom Barlow. How do laws apply to future technologies? Why might they be regulated or policed, or left as lawless as the wild west? What infrastructure is needed to make a law effective? Can a technology supercede the ability to police it? Why would a society comply with a law about future technology or instead blatantly disregard it?