Events in October

I’ve just updated the Events page with the links for a few things that have me eager for October to get here.

First up is Can-Con Oct. 4 to 6, which is exciting for a few reasons. First, it’s my hometown con, so it’s a weekend with friends as well as a weekend of writerly development. Second, I’m scheduled to do a reading (I’m fairly sure I’ll read For Sale by Owner and possibly the opening of the story I have coming out soon in On Spec) in the same time slot as Matthew Johnson, whom I like very much as a person and a writer. I’m also scheduled for several panels that look like they’ll be fascinating. Once the schedule is final, I’ll post more details and a link here. Third, I’m just really itching to go to a convention. I don’t get to go to many of them, what with my toddler and day job, so when I do, I get a little giddy.

A couple of days later, on Oct. 8, is the combined Postscripts to Darkness 4 launch/ChiSeries reading, at which I’ll be reading my story Six Aspects of Cath Baduma, which appears in Postscripts to Darkness 4. Yay! I’ll do a post with story notes for that one once the anthology is available because I have Things to Say about that particular story. (That sounds more portentous than it probably should. Really, I just want to blog about how I came up with the character names.)

On Oct. 26, I’m the host for an event with three short story writers for the Ottawa International Writers Festival: Kelli Deeth, Cynthia Flood and Lynn Coady.

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