Month: July 2013

Write-a-thon update

There are two more weeks left in the Clarion West Write-a-thon. A reminder that if you like, you can support me, the evolution of speculative fiction and a very good cause by sponsoring me. My commitment this year was to write or revise every…

The two things I like best about writing fiction

1. Witnessing my work interpreted by other artists. This spring, the Third Wall Theatre Company did a bang-up dramatic reading of the work of several Ottawa writers, including me. They read my short story “We Take Care of Our Own”, from Blood and Water….

Mind mapping an elevator pitch

I now have — ta da — a good second draft of Grub Street, my novel in progress. It’s now 72,000 words. It’ll need at least one more draft before I submit it anywhere, but it’s now gone off to sit for a while…