Write-a-thon 2013

I”m participating in the Clarion West Write-a-thon again this year. My participant page has a short excerpt from a work in progress and you can sponsor me there if you’re so inclined. (Or sponsor another writer. Or if you’re a writer, join.)

Last year, I found that setting a public goal really helped motivate me, and I did meet my goal (and finished the draft of a novel, Hold My Body Down.)

So I’m doing it again this year. The Write-a-thon goes from June 22 to Aug. 2.

I now have a first draft of Grub Street; I should have a decent, critique-ready draft of Grub Street done well before Aug. 2 with any luck, and then I might set it aside for a while and work on other things.

So I’m not setting a novel-milestone goal for the Write-a-thon but will commit to writing or revising every day for those six weeks. That’s pretty much what I’m doing now, but there are some days when I just collapse into a puddle of goo at the end of day and blow off writing. So, none of those days from now until Aug. 2.

Then, the collapse into a puddle of goo. And possibly a beer.

I’ve never been lucky enough to go to the Clarion workshop. But every writer in our community benefits from its existence, and from the existence of other workshops. One small example: This fall, I took a LitReactor course on short fiction from the fabulous Kat Howard, who is herself a Clarion grad. This past Sunday, I took a workshop with the equally fabulous Clarion grads Cat Rambo and Caren Gussoff. When writers get better and learn from each other, that has knock-on effects.

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