Grub Street, Draft 1

Well, I just typed END on the first draft of Grub Street.

I wrote 2,849 words tonight, after I got home from work and put my boy to bed. Because I was at the end and I couldn’t stop. It’s easier to write quickly when you know exactly what has to happen in a scene, which I did, by the end.

God, it feels good to put the first draft behind me. And I think it’s good work. Not the draft — the draft is full of holes, shorthand and lazy bits. But the novel that it will become. For the first time in my life, I’ve written a novel-length first draft with a sound, logical structure and good pacing and tension, so now I can focus on language, character consistency, voice, texture. The fun stuff!

I’m pleased with Grub Street. Really pleased. It’s a marked leap forward in my evolution as a writer and I think it’s a heck of a story, too. I’m sure I’ll hate it again tomorrow, and I have an intense period of rewriting ahead of me. But right now, it’s midnight, and I’m done my first draft.

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