At the halfway mark of Draft One

I’ve had the last three days off work.

In between car appointments, vet appointments and a new sump pump and pipe installation, I’ve managed to write about 7,000 words on my novel in those three days, which is pretty good for me.

Since I normally write in snatches of time after a long day of work and parenting, I find it a little tricky, when I do get a bigger chunk of time, to write big chunks of plot. I’m used to having hours between writing each scene, when my brain is partly occupied with other things and I can plan out the next 1,000 words or so. (This is why I often send myself several emails throughout the day, with notes or bits of dialogue I don’t want to forget.)

So today I was pushing farther and farther into scenes I hadn’t thought much about yet, beyond basic elements from the outline.

Anyway, despite not moving quite as quickly as I had hoped, the first draft of Grub Street is now at 44,000 words, which is pretty close to halfway. Plot-wise, I’ve moved into Part II (of two parts, I think) and the second act, for those of you who think in three-act structure.

I began drafting Grub Street in, uh, late February? I think? Scrivener’s file dating is inscrutable, to me anyway. So that’s three months to write the first half. I really want to write the second half by the end of June. It’ll be tough; it means doing almost the equivalent of a NaNoWriMo. But that’s the goal.

Since it turned out to be helpful with the first act, I’ve graphed out the tension (red line) and protagonist-success (blue line) for the second act. As you can see, my main character begins Part II in very dire straits.