April’s mitigated cruelty, Part 1

April, 2013 will not go down in the book of my life as my favourite month. For one thing: Boston. There are other things, but they all look personal or petty in comparison. (Do I mention the bombing in Boston and then complain about how I’ve had a cough for two weeks? No. I do not.) BUT as far as the writing life goes (“the life of the mind”, I say in my best Barton Fink voice), I can’t complain. The gods have been smiling on me. (I know it’s just a statistical cluster of good results, many irons in many fires just happening to get hot all at once, but what the hell, it feels like momentum.) Here, in mostly chronological order, is the list of wonderful things that have happened so far this month:

  • April began with the publication of my story “A Pair of Ragged Claws” in Black Treacle. I like this story. I’m happy it’s out in the world.
  • A few days later, we went to the Ad Astra convention in Toronto, and I got to spend some time with friends in the SF writing community, and meet some new ones, and even attend a few panels and readings (we had our 3-year-old in tow so it was a bit catch-as-catch-can.) I read from my story “We Take Care of Our Own” at the launch of the Blood and Water e-book (which was also the launch of The Salt and Iron Dialogues by the lovely and talented Matthew Johnson).
  • My story “Six Aspects of Cath Baduma” has been accepted. I haven’t signed the contract yet so I’ll hold off on saying where, but I’m happy. The story is best described as what Catherynne M. Valente dubs “mythpunk”, in the sense that it engages with mythology in a way that’s both loving and angry. It’s very close to my heart but I feared no one else would get what I was trying to do with it. So I’m pleased as punch to be proven wrong. (Thanks to Critters and to Jeff and Agnes for the critiques!) More on that once it’s nailed down…
  • I’ve been working on a requested rewrite of a story tentatively titled “Word for Word” for another publication. We haven’t got to the end of that editorial process yet, so I can’t say whether it will be accepted. But if so, it should be published quite soon, so I’ll post an update. In either case, it’s been a worthwhile experience. More on that later when I know more…
  • I just found out about a MARVELOUS THING involving my fiction, but it isn’t exactly my own project so I’m going to hold off on saying anything about it lest I scoop the people whose project it is. I’ll have to do a Part Two of this blog post…
  • As I’ve already mentioned (and by mentioned I mean shouted from the rooftops in every social media platform I frequent) my story “For Sale by Owner” will appear shortly in Daily Science Fiction, my first pro sale. I expect it will appear in May or June, although I don’t know yet.
  • I polished a flash-fiction story that I’ve been working on for a while (I swear flash fiction takes more work than short stories. Getting a story with a beginning, middle and end and a real character who changes into 1,000 words is a challenge.) That one’s now out in submissionland.
  • And the first draft of the New Novel is going fairly well, or as well as my first drafts ever go. I’m up to about 14,000 words and starting to get a sense of the shape of the thing.

Happy writer girl.