Blood and Water anthology

I’m about halfway through the first full draft of a novel that’s been far too long in the works. For the past few months, I’ve been fairly diligent about making my 400 words a day.

But I have allowed myself breaks from the novel when a short story idea comes knocking on my skull and won’t stop bouncing around in it until I write it down.

That happened last week, and I took a few days’ worth of writing time (ie, the hour or so after my little boy goes to bed, somewhere between 8 pm and 10 pm) and devoted it to writing that story, which is done now and submitted to a journal. Fingers crossed.

It also happened back in — oh, I think January or thereabouts. Bundoran Press put out a call for submissions for an anthology called Blood and Water, which will focus on the resource conflicts of the near future, from a Canadian perspective. The subject happened to dovetail nicely with some research on trade and food policy I’d been doing in my life as a journalist. So I wrote a story, and sent it off to editor Hayden Trenholm, and he made some astute suggestions for a fairly light rewrite and then accepted it.

Hayden, who is also a fantastic SF writer, has blogged about the process of editing the anthology.

I’m excited about Blood and Water. As the Table of Contents shows, I’m in excellent company. It’ll be launched later this summer.

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